Whenever I Go To Wherever

by Cantinker Moss

When I go to New England, I look for schooners.

When I go to Kentucky, I look for horses.

When I go out west, I look for mountains.

When I go to New Orleans, I look for the food.

When I go to Florida, I look for oranges.

When I go to Texas, I look for barbecue.

When I go to the land of the Great Plains, I look at the sky.

When I go to California, I look for avocados.

When I go to Seattle, I look for the coffee.

When I go to Alaska, I look for the Northern Lights,

And when get back to Missouri, I look for the prairie flowers, and I know I’m home…at least for now. These are my opinions, and I look for all these things here and there, but every day and everywhere, I look for God.