My great American buddy

by Cantinker Moss

Here is my good buddy. This guy has single-handedly (-pawedly?} changed my opinion about felines. Yes, there are cats with nasty dispositions, but they probably have their reasons.  And really, all animals have their particular traits. Wolves and mountain lions kill to eat, and even pit bulls are trained to fight, unfortunately.

But this guy…well, he’s definitely low maintenance. A can of Nine Lives, and he’s content.

So I want to introduce you to Gumball as he is known around the house. (Gumball is a popular cartoon cat) But to me, he’s known as Sgt. Rock—leader of Easy Company, otherwise known as the Combat Happy Joes. If he isn’t eating, you’ll find him on a chair in the living room…sleeping on my son’s bed…on a table next to me and my easy chair…or a bean bag chair in my den.  You’ll also find him stalking around the house in the middle of the night.  I guess he’s probably on one of his patrols looking for enemies.  Yep, you’ll find him in any of these places—that is if he isn’t in my lap when I’m not using my laptop.


That’s my buddy—my little puma.

(I had to revise the photo of Sgt. Gumball because I lost it on a previous manuscript)


From an American poet: Cat


by Cantinker Moss


Inspired by Robert Burns: To a Mouse and To a Louse



Oh little cat

Sitting on my lady’s hat

Can you see well

From where you’re at?

Oh little cat

Itty bitty ditty thing

So witty of a thing

A mime performing.

Oh little cat

These things, which you can see

May not particularly please

You—but if you speak?